How do we determine current values and estimated future values?

BrickEconomy price estimation is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) via Machine Learning (ML) to provide an accurate estimated and predicted price of every set and minifig. Currently, when you look at the current value of a set or minifig or an estimated future price prediction this data is based on our machine learning technology. It's not only very cool, but it is extremely accurate! We use a variety of algorithms to train our ML predictions but typically rely on neural network regression and linear regression models. Additionaly we are contstantly re-training our models and have various ones for sets and minifigs. Even cooler, our machine learning model can even predict future gains for newly released sets at an 89% accuracy rate!

Where to we get pricing data from?

We get our pricing data from a number of sources both online and off. We have established relationships with various resources as well as use APIs available on secondary markets. You can find a list below of many of our sources: eBay, Amazon, LEGO Store, LEGO Shop-at-home, LEGO Education, Bricklink, Walmart, Target, Google Express, Catawiki, Brick Owl, The Plastic Brick, OldLego, AliExpress, ToyWiz, Fry's Electronics, Fat Brain Toys, and dozens more. (Please note, this is not an updated list and some sources no longer provide us with prices.)

How do we determine a set's theme and subtheme?

We try to align with some of the industry standard sites we love including Brickset and Bricklink. These are by far two of the best LEGO sites and definitive resources for categorizing sets.

Where do we get your set images from?

Most of our images are supplied by third party affiliates or via the LEGO website directly or via arrangements we have with various partners. While we do our best t o make sure we are not publishing copyrighted materials there is a change we did so inadvertently. If you find one of your copyrighted images on the site and we do not hold the proper license please let us know and we will remove the image immediately.

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