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This chart represents the current value of the set Mini Modulars since December 2013. Very high accuracy
10230 Mini Modulars was a 1,356 piece Advanced Models set released in 2012. Initially, the set was only available to LEGO VIP members. It was retired in December 2013 with a lifespan of 16 months. The current value for a new and sealed Mini Modulars is estimated at $149 with an average yearly gain of about 5% which is lower than other Modular Buildings sets.

For Sale (New/Sealed)

BrickLink store Gems 4 greens
New, Sealed, box has some wear on it, but seals are tight.
(US) Creator Mini Modulars Set (10230) Brand NEW!
Mini Modulars from BrickLink seller nicor
Brand new & seal in box.
(US) *BRAND NEW* Lego 10230 MINI MODULARS * With some very light shelf wear *
Mini Modulars from BrickLink seller giuvemi
(US) 10230 Mini Modulars MISB Fast Shipping
(KR) -Box Status: Normal *Factory Sealed -Please contact me. Shipping cost. and etc.
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Sales Distribution (Last 90 Days)

This chart shows the distribution of sales for the last 3 months of new/sealed 10230 Mini Modulars.

Sale Trends

This chart shows the sales trends (number sold) of new/sealed 10230 Mini Modulars.

Sets in Advanced Models / Modular Buildings

Year 2012
Pieces / Minifigs 2,766 / 8
Availability Retired
10224 LEGO Town Hall
Retail $199.99
Value $644.48
Growth 222.3%
Annual growth 14.7%
Year 2008
Pieces / Minifigs 2,352 / 4
Availability Retired
10185 LEGO Green Grocer
Retail $149.99
Value $1,018.33
Growth 578.9%
Annual growth 9.7%
Year 2009
Pieces / Minifigs 2,231 / 4
Availability Retired
10197 LEGO Fire Brigade
Retail $149.99
Value $399.99
Growth 166.7%
Annual growth 16.0%
Year 2010
Pieces / Minifigs 2,182 / 7
Availability Retired
10211 LEGO Grand Emporium
Retail $149.99
Value $350.00
Growth 133.3%
Annual growth 15.8%
Year 2007
Pieces / Minifigs 2,056 / 3
Availability Retired
10182 LEGO Cafe Corner
Retail $139.99
Value $2,113.33
Growth 1409.6%
Annual growth 29.2%
Year 2011
Pieces / Minifigs 2,032 / 4
Availability Retired
10218 LEGO Pet Shop
Retail $149.99
Value $219.00
Growth 46.0%
Annual growth 11.0%
This exclusive mini modulars set is an authentic miniature representation of the first 5 buildings in the Modular Building series Caf Corner, Market Street, Green Grocer, Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium. Featuring highly detailed design, each building can be displayed as a stand alone piece or connected to the others buildings in the set. The mini Cafe Corner includes details like a fan above the doorway and printed hotel signage, while the mini Market Street includes transparent bricks and a unique brick construction.

The quaint mini Green Grocer also features transparent bricks and a fire escape at the rear, while the mini Fire Brigade includes a brick bell and white arch wall elements. Finally, the mini Grand Emporium has a rooftop sign, skylight and window washing platform. With fantastic detailing and a huge variety of elements in a range of rich colors, this exclusive mini modulars set is the perfect addition to every VIP Members collection.

Authentic miniature...
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